Agricultural Mulch Usage Guidelines

Mulch is a commonly used covering material in agricultural production, providing benefits such as insulation, moisture retention, weed prevention, and promoting crop growth.

Here are the steps for using mulch:

Selecting the Right Mulch
Choosing the appropriate mulch is crucial. Depending on the crop and growth stage, select mulch film with different thicknesses and colors. Generally, use black or black-and-white mulch in summer and transparent or white mulch in winter.

Soil Preparation
Before using mulch, clean and level the soil. Remove residues like straw and weeds from the soil surface and ensure the soil is leveled.

Mulch Installation
When installing mulch, pay attention to the following:
(1) Choose low-humidity weather for installation.
(2) Unroll the mulch and spread it over the planting area.
(3) Bury the edges in the soil to prevent wind or water erosion.
(4) For large-scale installations, consider mechanized operations.

Securing the Mulch
To secure the mulch effectively, use the following methods:
(1) Use specialized mulch clips to fasten the mulch.
(2) Place stones or other heavy objects along the edges to enhance stability.

Perforation and Planting
Perforation and planting involve creating appropriate holes in the mulch and placing seeds or seedlings. Pay attention to the following:
(1) Adjust the hole size based on the crop’s growth requirements.
(2) Determine planting density and row spacing before perforating.

After laying the mulch, regular maintenance is essential. This includes:
(1) Periodically check for tears or deformities in the mulch and repair or replace it promptly.
(2) Control soil moisture to prevent excessive dryness or waterlogging.
(3) Timely weed removal, loosening of soil, and fertilization. These steps ensure improved crop yield, enhanced quality, and a shortened growth cycle when using mulch correctly.

If you have any inquiries regarding mulch-related issues, please feel free to contact us.

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